1.  You and your partner should be talking or communicating frequently to encourage each other and to celebrate each other’s accomplishments!  Select a team captain.

2.  Challenges will be issued SUNDAYS at 7:00 pm .  The weekly challenge completion deadline is 10:00 p.m. the following Saturday. Individual Team results and prizes will be issued two days later on MONDAY, by noon.

3.  As soon as you have selected a name for your team send it right away. The rest of the challenge information can come in a final email later in the week.  The final email should be sent after you BOTH have completed  the challenge and have also finished all of your activities for the week. At the end of the week when you have BOTH completed the challenge, the team captain should submit BOTH of your results via email with the subject, “Your Team Name”- CHALLENGE COMPLETE.  Include in the email each person’s name on your team and the results for # of OP’s held, # of Home Shows held, and # of people sponsored for the week. (Honor System applies… LOL!)

You must keep track of all your activity on your Tracking Chart and submit it to your team captain who will then submit it to us via email at the end of each week. We will then update everyone’s status via our blog. You should have received a Tracking chart via email from me on 2.6.10.

4.  We will have final, celebratory “pit stop” on Sunday, April 25th at 8:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST)Mark your calendars NOW!  On these calls, we will provide valuable information, hear from successful Jewelers, and share successes!  To join the conference call, dial 712-432-1690, listen to the prompts and enter access code 1050625#.

5.  The FINISH LINE is April 17th! We will announce all the WINNERS at our Final Pit Stop on Sunday, April 25th!

We want to hear from you, too!  If you have a question, please call or email and let us know how we can help YOU!!!

Michelle & Pat Moore~ 303-875-8831~


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