Past Challenges

Here’s your Week 8a Challenge:

This week we are learning and applying steps to BALANCE YOUR BUSINESS.

Here’s your challenge for the week:

1.  Go to the Draper’s website, (password: ssandy) and listen to Joni Brummel’s AUDIO training, “Balance in Your Business.”  Joni is a 7 Diamond Designer who has been in Premier for 14 years and is an inspirational and motivating trainer.  She has some very practical, timeless tips as well as encouraging words we all need to hear.

Answer the following questions:

  • What was your reason for JOINING Premier?_________________________________________________________
  • What is your current DREAM for your business?________________________________________________________
  • What goals do you have for your Amazing Race and are you on track to meet those goals by the finish line (April 24th)?__________________________________

2.  Review the “Levels of Commitment” sheet attached to the Week 7 Challenge email.  According to Tom Barrett, the author of Dare to Dream & Work to Win, you should keep in mind that your commitment level is not fixed.  As you consistently interact with others who are excited, motivated, focused and successful, you can begin to see your own vision, expectations and commitment level increase.

Answer the following questions:

  • Where is your commitment level now?______________________
  • Where would you like your commitment level to be? ______________________
  • What do you need to do to reach your desired level? ______________________

3.  Spend at least 30 minutes making calls to set up OP’s, to get more bookings,  and to follow up with your prospects.

4.  Hold at least one O.P.  It can be in the form of a 1-on-1 or holding or taking your prospect to an Opportunity Presentation or Shopportunity.  You must share the full marketing plan and follow up (a couple counts as one OP).  This OP must be separate from 15-min ones that you do at the end of a show.

5.  To complete the Challenge, call your partner and discuss your answers to the above questions.  Have your team captain send us a joint email with both your stats for the week and both of your answers to the above questions in #’s 1 and 2.   You must send us the email by Saturday, April 10th by 10:00 p.m. Please title your email subject line: TEAM NAME, Week XXX Challenge Complete!


Week 7 Challenge:

1)  Check out the Home Page and watch the new 15 minute video and read the new devotion.

2). Write 5-10 sentences explaining how the video pertains to you and your business in terms of how  attitude and choices affect your results. Do you see yourself in one of the characters? If so, which? Does this message impact other areas of your life, as well?

3). Post on the blog the most powerful message you took from this video and how this will change the way you run your business moving forward.

4).  Get TWO new bookings on your calendar. (If you obtain these bookings at shows you hold over the next 2 weeks, you can count them toward this challenge).

5).  Make a Chicken List.   (A “Chicken List” is made up of people that you need or want to share the business with but that you’re afraid to call and ask for the appointments.)  Call the people on your  Chicken List and use the Referral Approach to set 1-on-1’s.  (Referral handout attached in the  Challenge email)

6).  Hold AT LEAST 1 OP.  It can be in the form of a 1-on-1 or holding or taking your prospect to an Opportunity Presentation or Shopportunity.  You must share the full marketing plan and follow up (a couple counts as one OP).  This OP must be separate from 15-min ones that you do at the end of a show.

7).  Continue to make your follow up calls with your prospects and with the people on your Chicken List.  Remember…you must follow up quickly and effectively to sponsor consistently.

8).  To complete the Challenge, have your team captain send us a  joint email with both your stats for the week and let us know how it went with your chicken list. Also share in your email your favorite “closing line” from the “Closing a 1-on-1” email and the phrase you will use with your prospects to ensure that you are both clear on the “moving the ball forward next step” that will occur after the marketing plan presentation. (This phrase can be from the “Closing a 1-on-1 handout or from verbiage you have learned along the way throughout the Race–from other materials, your teammate, etc.)

You must send the email by Saturday, April 3rd by 10:00 p.m. (You’ll need to organize your time over the two weeks between you and your partner to make sure you get the email in to us in time.)


Week 6 Challenge:

Congratulations! You’re more than half-way through the RACE, and we’re sooo proud of you for staying the course!

Tom Barrett says that “Success is not about being a race horse.  It is about being a pack horse.”

Success in the Amazing Race as well as in your Premier business long-term is about having VISION.  One definition of “vision” is “a picture of a preferable future that ignites passion.”  That passion keeps you highly motivated, and to make your vision a reality you need to have GOALS.  Goals give us direction and let us know when we’ve achieved success.

Here’s your challenge for the week:

1)  Check out the Home Page and read the new devotion.

2)  Share the business with AT LEAST 2 people during the next week.  It can be in the form of a  1-on-1 (in person or over the phone) or by holding or taking them to an Opportunity Presentation or Shopportunity.  (As Executive Director Sandra Conway recently said, “Share with everyone, not just those who you think are interested….If you hold a mirror to their face and it fogs up, they’re a prospect!”) You must share the full marketing plan and follow up (a couple counts as one OP).  These two OP’s must be separate from 15-min ones that you do at the end of a show.

3)  Send ME… and–if you or your partner are not already Designers–your UPLINE DESIGNER a list of what prospects you have that are still considering the opportunity.  Talk through each one (if you and your partner are not already Designers) with your UPLINE DESIGNER to make a game plan for how to follow up best to help each prospect reach a decision.  THEN JUST DO IT!

YOU MUST FOLLOW UP QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY to sponsor consistently.  Use the attached ( on email) follow up information to help you.  It’s important to let all old & new prospects know about the March Double Quick Start Promotion!  Take advantage of this AWESOME sponsoring tool from Premier!

4)  To complete the Challenge, send me a joint email with your stats for this week as well as one main “nugget” each of you has gained from this Challenge.  You must send the email by Saturday, March 20th by 10:00 p.m.

Galations 6:9 “And let us not lose heart and grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right, for in due time and at the appointed season we shall reap, if we do not loosen and relax our courage and faint.” Amplified Bible


Week 4/5 Challenge:

This week we’re going to focus on Lifestyle sponsoring and booking…sharing Premier with ladies you meet in everyday life.

Here’s your Challenge for the week!

1) Write out your 30 second commercial.  This is a short description of what you do as a Premier Jewelry Lady that you can share when someone asks you “What do you do for a living?” You can get ideas for your commercial from the attached flyer in your Week 4 Challenge email.  Feel free to use any of the examples as your commercial, or come up with your own.  Another great example is the one Elizabeth Draper shared at the Dallas Regional Conference.  Hers is, “I have the greatest job in America! I do 2 things: I give jewelry away for free and I teach women how to have a successful home-based business.”  This commercial is strong because it touches on both retail and sponsoring. Yours should, too!

2) Role play your commercial with your partner (in person or over the phone).  Practice it several times.

3) Use your commercial to talk to at least 2 ladies about Premier.  Find a way to strike up a conversation and use your commercial to generate interest.  Be sure to have your business card and possibly a mini catalog to give them.  Have a small pad of paper and a pen so that you can collect their names and phone numbers for follow up.

4) Share with your partner how your conversations went.

5) Remember to keep focusing on getting your calendar where you want it…as far as bookings and one-on-one’s.  The goal is to stay on top of it UNTIL it gets to your desired balance.  You want to make sure your mindset moves from “START, STOP, START, STOP” to “STRONG, CONSISTENT, BALANCED!” That goal will help you build a strong, fabulous long-term business!  Then, once you get your calendar to where you want it, just work your business consistently a little each day. YOU CAN DO IT!

6). Go to the Draper’s website (, password:  ssandy), choose the Video Training tab, and watch Randy’s “Just Do It” training.  In this video, Randy talks about having a PASSION for your business.  As you listen, answer the following:

1)  Why do we procrastinate? (list the 4 reasons)

2)  Failure is ________________ but not ________________.

3)  Failure is an _______________ not a _________________.

4)  Failure is not ____________________________________.

5)  If we are going to build our Premier business, we need _________________.

6)  You need to be _________________ in your conversations.

7)  If God has put something in your heart then _________________________.

8)  What is your purpose in Premier? (personal question)

Answer these questions; then call your partner and share your purpose and goals in Premier and discuss the questions and what you learned from the video.

7). Be sure your team captain sends us your weekly stats in one joint email by 10:00 pm on Saturday.  March 13. Include again, # of home shows, # of OP’s and # of people sponsored for each team member.  Keep getting those prospects in front of the Marketing Plan!


Week 3 Challenge:

Ecclesiates 4:9-10 “Two are better than one, because they have a good return on their work:  If one falls down, his friend can help him up.  But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!”

This week we want to help you prepare for sharing the Marketing Plan effectively.

Here is your challenge for the week!!

1.  Read my notes on “Maximizing Your Sponsoring Success” (attached to the Week 3 Challenge email) and tweak or prepare your own personal 1-on-1 to make sure you are ready to share Premier’s Marketing Plan effectively and with passion.

2.  For another way to share the marketing plan, dial in to our “Tea Party Phone Chat” Conference Call on Tuesday, February 23 from 8:30-9:00pm mountain time. Pat and I will provide a brief introduction and then I’ll demonstrate how I’m sharing the marketing plan in 20 minutes over the phone with interested prospects. The Conference Call Phone # is (712) 432-1690 and the Participant Access Code is 1050625#. You can pop off the call right at 8:30 (mountain time) but we will be happy to take questions from those who can remain on. Please try your hardest to be present for the call. However, if you cannot, we will give it our best shot to record it so you can listen before sending in your completed challenge by 10pm on Saturday, February 27.

3. For another way to share the marketing plan, visit the Draper’s website @ (password:  ssandy). Go to audio training and listen to Nancy Hanrahan’s sponsoring training.  This is a recording from Nancy Hanrahan, the #1 Sponsor in the Nation at the 2009. Nancy is sharing how she uses 15 minutes at the end of shopping time at her shows to share the Premier opportunity with anyone who wants to listen.  Her results are AMAZING!!

As you listen to Nancy’s recording, complete the following:

a)  What made Nancy start sharing the business opportunity at her home shows?
b)  How does Nancy get her hostess to let her share the opportunity at her shows?  When does she ask them if she can do this?
c)  What is the gift Nancy gives to those who stay?  Where does she get it?
d)  In her sponsoring activity during her home show presentation, Nancy asks all the guests to, “Describe the ________of a ________ job?  She then follows up and uses these examples to tell why she loves her Premier Job.
e)  Using her flip chart to share the Premier opportunity, when Nancy gets to the 10-10-10, she says, “Sponsoring if not a requirement in Premier, it is _______ a ________.

4.  Since “two are better than one for a good return on your work,”  please role-play your opportunity presentation with your partner over the phone or in person.  Each of you should play the jeweler once and the prospect once. Give each other your honest opinions and any constructive feedback that can help both of you be more effective.

You really need to be able to share the marketing plan in a 1-on-1 setting!  I believe that for the quick OP at the end of a show to work, you would need to share it very passionately and clearly have a strong follow-up plan in place.  It may or may not be for you, but there are a lot of ladies having great success with it.  Give it a try at one of your next shows.  No matter what, you’ve got to be intentional and prepared to share our wonderful business!

5.   Now you should have the basics for sharing Premier effectively!  To complete Challenge #3, your captain should send us a joint email listing feedback (1-2 paragraphs per team member) about your experience with deciding upon and sharing your new opportunity presentation with your teammate, as well as both of  your # of OP’s, # of Home Shows held and # of people sponsored for the week.

Also, each of you should log onto the Blog and share one positive outcome or experience you’ve had so far as a result of participating in the Amazing Race!


Week 2 Challenge:

The best way to achieve a well-rounded business with strong sponsoring is to focus on SHOWS & SPONSORING!! These truly go hand-in-hand!!  You don’t need to kill yourself doing a zillion shows.  You just need to have a solid number of shows and stay consistent with them month to month.

You should strive to do AT LEAST four shows a month to keep your business going strong and to give you enough contacts with which to share the business.  (Some of you can and should do more shows, based on your situation.  Obviously, if you do 6-8 shows a month, you’ll meet a lot more people than if you do four.) To hold four shows, that means that you need to book AT LEAST six shows a month to account for postponements and cancellations.

With these things in mind…here is your challenge for the week!!! Woohoo…It’s PHONE WEEK!!!

1.  Hold a mini “Book-a-thon” with your partner!! (You can get together if you’d like to or you can each do it from the comfort of your own home or car.) Decide with your partner when you are starting and when you are stopping.  If you can’t work out your schedules to do it at the same time, you can do it individually. You must both do a minimum of 30 minutes of calling for bookings, and you need to let each other know your results and how it’s going.  You may need or want to spend more time, depending upon your calendar’s situation.  Your goal should be to work very diligently to fill in your February and March with bookings.

(If you already have as many or more shows than you need on your calendar, (THAT’S AWESOME) then you can make Customer Care Calls with great past hostesses and customers to see how their jewelry is doing and to see if they have any needs you can take care of for them.  Hopefully you can re-book them for another show later or ask them to sit down with you or go to an Opportunity Presentation to hear about the business, either for themselves or as a referral center for you.)

Use the attached verbiage for your calls as well as the attached chart to document your results.

2.  Hold a mini “Prospect-a-thon”! Call those people on your prospect list to ask them to sit down with you to hear about Premier, either for themselves or as a referral center.  You must both do a minimum of 30 minutes of calling for OPs. You can set up 1-on-1’s, or if you want to save time, you can schedule your own Opportunity Presentation or Shopportunity. (An OP consists of sharing the full marketing plan. Usually takes 30 min. – 1 hr. Husband and wife count as one.  Each guest counts as one OP for your weekly total.)

Or, (if you live in the Denver area), the Moores are holding TWO…

SHOPPORTUNITIES JUST FOR YOU! One will be on Monday, February 15th and the other on Monday, February 22nd from 7-8pm. You must RSVP at to let us know how many guests you are bringing.

(Our Shopportunity Invitations for you to use are attached to the Week 2 Challenge email.)

3.  Also, an important element in generating sponsoring contacts is to have a well-thought-out and PRACTICED sponsoring activity to use at your shows, and to follow-up with every guest to see if they would like to hear more about the Premier opportunity, either for themselves or for someone they know.  If what you are doing is getting plenty of people to sit down with you to hear about Premier, GREAT!!  Keep doing what you’re doing.  If not, you need to fine-tune or change your sponsoring activity to make sure you generate plenty of sponsoring leads at your shows.

**Read the article (attached to my Week 2 Challenge email) , “Measuring Time Like Pilots,” by Tom Barrett.

**Read email attachment ”Elements of a Successful Sponsoring Activity.”

**Call your partner and role-play your sponsoring talk.

**Help each other fine-tune your approaches.  ALSO, if you and your partner are not already Designers, after you have role-played with your partner, call your upline Designer (shown on your Participant List) and discuss and/or roleplay your sponsoring activity with her, too.


Week 1 Challenge:

*  Talk with your partner and come up with a TEAM NAME and SELECT A TEAM CAPTAIN. (To spark your creative side, here are some names we‘ve seen:  “The Untouchables,” “Shining Gems,” “Sponsoritas,”… just to name a few. Get creative, and have FUN!)

* Go to,  watch this 3 min. movie and finish the statements on these slides:

Set Realistic Goals…___________________________________________

Take Action…___________________________________________

Be Disciplined…_________________________________________

*  Create an email “signature” that includes your name, contact phone number and a “mini-commercial” for your business.  If you already have one, GREAT!  Share your signature with me and your partner.


1.  What is your Premier purpose and vision?

2.  What is your inch-by-inch goal for your business? (What goal do you have for the next week?)

3.  What are you procrastinating about in your business?

4.  Where are you lacking discipline regarding your business?

Discuss with your partner how you can help each other in these areas.

*  Make a list of AT LEAST 10 people you want to book shows with for the Spring season.   Make a list of AT LEAST 10 people you would like to share the business with.  It can include those who might have a need themselves and/or those who could be a good referral center for you.

*Remember…at the end of the week, when you have BOTH completed the challenge, the team captain should submit BOTH of your results via email with the subject “(Your Team Name) – CHALLENGE COMPLETE.” Include in the email each person’s name on your team and her results for # of OP’s held, # of home shows held, and # of people sponsored for the week.  (Honor system

“For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of POWER, of LOVE and of SELF-DISCIPLINE.”  II Timothy 1:7


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