On Your Mark, Get Set….RACE!

Welcome to the

A Race to Help You Stay Focused and Grow in 2010!

We are so thrilled that you have joined us for this fun and exciting journey!  Keep in mind that our desire is to help and encourage you to grow as a person and in your business.

Your amount of effort and your attitude will certainly help determine your results, but your results will never determine your self-worth.

Nothing can change the fact that God loves you, and so do we!  Always remember, we are here for you, we’re praying for you, and WE BELIEVE IN YOU! Let’s all step out of our comfort zones to run the RACE with PASSION!

Cheering YOU On!

Michelle & Pat


A common obstacle to success is the desire to cut corners and take the short road to success.  But shortcuts never pay off in the long run.  As Napolean said, victory belongs to the most perserving.

Most people tend to underestimate the time it takes to achieve something of value, but to be successful, you have to be willing to pay your dues.  James Watt spent twenty years laboring to perfect his steam engine.  William Harvey labored night and day for eight years to prove how blood circulated in the human body.  And it took another twenty-five years for the medical profession to acknowledge he was right.

Cutting corners is a sign of impatience and poor self-discipline.  But if you are willing to follow through, you can achieve a breakthrough.  That’s why Albert Gray says, “The common denominator of success lies in forming the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.”

If you continually give in to your moods or impulses, then you need to change your approach to doing things.  The best method is to set standards for yourself that require accountability.  Suffering a consequence for not following through helps you stay on track.  Once you have your new standards in place, work according to them, not your moods.  That will get you going in the right direction.

Self-discipline is a quality that is won through practice.  Psychologist Joseph Mancusi noted, “Truly successful people have learned to do what does not come naturally.  Real success lies in experiencing fear or aversion and acting in spite of it.”

–Failing Forward


“Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.”  Phillipians 3:12

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55 Comments on “On Your Mark, Get Set….RACE!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    GO, RACERS!!! We are so excited about being on this AMAZING RACE with you!

  2. Patty Westenbroek Says:

    I’m excited to meet you, Jenn! Look out ya’all…we’ve got the “East” and the “West” in the game! Thank you Michelle & Pat!!!!

  3. Jodi Ward Says:

    WOW I am so excited about this race, I have my running shoes on and my tight little spandex (Ha Ha Ha) bad visual :o) I really need this race to keep me in line and focused on different aspects of my business. Watch out COLORADO because STEPH and I are going to ROCK the ROCKIES :o) Thanks for all the “Premier” support everyone I couldn’t do it without all of you!

  4. Michelle Says:

    Hi, All!
    Someone had a great question about whether this was a time raced. We originally thought about giving extra weekly prize tickets for faster completions, but then decided that we’d rather you find the pace that works best for you and feel you could do a good job rather than rush to get through it. So…great question…but please race at the best pace for YOU, bearing in mind that Saturday @ 10pm will be the ongoing deadline for each weekly challenge.

  5. Lisa Hulbert Says:

    Good Morning Fellow Racers! Pumped and ready to RACE!!!
    We’re OFF!!!!
    Happy Monday

  6. Steph Moehlenpah Says:

    Good afternoon, Gals!
    What a great opportunity to build our businesses!!! Let’s go, Jodi!!! Let’s Rock!!!
    Good luck everyone!

  7. Mandi Krueger Says:

    Hey ladies!!!! Caroline and I are covering Northern Colorado up here where it’s really cold:) Best of luck to everyone!!! A special shout out to my babies doing this race… Your Mama is so proud of you!!! Way to boost your business!! Ohhh i’m going to cry this is my first blog:)

  8. Shellli Poole Says:

    I’m so excited to race and grow with you all!! Amanda and I are Two Foxy Ladies and a Force to be reckoned with (inspired by Amanda and her husband!) Let’s go Amanda! Good luck everyone! Let’s all get up and keep going!!

  9. Steph Moehlenpah Says:

    I am planning on going early to my two shows this week to do an OP with my hostesses (I set it up with them already). Does this count towards the week’s total?

  10. Yes! Please give yourself credit for conducting a particular activity in “real time.” Just make sure to present the full business info to your Hostesses (including investment) vs. a mini 1-on-1 in order to count it as an O.P. for the Race. SHINE THAT LIGHT!!!

  11. Alissa Pallan Says:

    Would you like us to email you the results of our calling this week with the completed challenge#2 email?

    • Yes, please email me with subject line: “Team Name, Challenge Complete!” as soon as you’re ready. The deadline for the Week 2 Challenge is 10pm on Saturday, February 20. All teams who have completed the challenge on time will be entered into a “random” drawing for the Week 2 PRIZE. (Week 1 winners were Brigitte Strawmatt and Shelli Myles for $50 in free jewelry each!) We allowed a little “wiggle room” last week for some teams that emailed us on Sunday morning because of everyone getting used to the rules, but (barring an emergency…i.e., computer crash), we will not allow exceptions this week. I CAN SEE THOSE MUSCLES DEVELOPING….GREAT JOB, EVERYONE!!!

  12. Amanda Larson Says:

    I have to say I think the most positive thing I have going for me during this race is my totaly AWESOME partner! So encouraging and genuine. Thanks Shelli!

  13. Jessica Says:

    This has been a great way bounce ideas back and forth. Amy is far more seasoned in the biz than I and has given me some great tips and info!

  14. Steph Moehlenpah Says:

    The Amazing Race has really made me work out of my comfort zone and push myself to work diligently every day. I feel the momentum building!! It’s been great being Jodi’s partner to share ideas and be accountable for our team and for myself.

  15. Christen Haller Says:

    The Amazing Race is really helping me to take an honest look at what I am doing in my shows and how I interact with potential jewelers AND how I can improve on it. It is also forcing me out of my comfort zone so that I can be open to trying new things.

  16. Shellli Poole Says:

    I feel like I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone and am FINALLY more comfortable picking up my phone – “the phone IS my friend!” I’m truly shocked at the results I’ve had by making phone calls!

  17. Mandi Krueger Says:

    Wow the video of the football player is awesome, the phone chat tonight and then going on to listen to the audio after!!! I feel like I have had a personal sponsoring retreat right in my kitchen!!!! Thanks so much Michelle and Pat for your leadership!!! You guys are amazing. GO CAROLINE!!! Your sista in the race, Mandi

  18. Alissa Pallan Says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this RACE! It is helping me focus on the aspects of my business that I want to be working on. I appreciate having the steps laid out for me week to week. These help me know what to be doing to make myself efficient in sharing my business. I have found TIME to work on this almost EVERY day that I didn’t know I had! So thank you!!! Plus, working with a fellow jeweler makes this that much sweeter! You ROCK Amy!

  19. Amy Metz Says:

    WOW! I have such a wealth of knowlege and ideas from just 3 weeks in this race! Everything Michelle has shared with us in the form of articles and videos has been great! The conference call the other night was awesome! Thanks Jessica for sharing all of your energy and ideas with me! The Golden Nuggets are ready to SHINE!

  20. You are all such a blessing to us, and we are so thankful to our mentors for sharing many of these ideas with us so we could learn from them as well as “pay it forward” to you all. It’s been such a joy to share this passion for Premier with you! Great things are brewing! And I can really tell the difference in my own business by being a participant in the Race, myself….Keep an eye on my stats!:-)

  21. Patty Westenbroek Says:

    This has been a great week filled with super sponsoring information! I can hardly wait to have my next show and OP!!!! Makes me want to grab anyone and everyone, and share Premier! Can you believe while out and about today, my thoughts were very much like this; “Hmmm…she should be a jeweler…and her, and her, and her.”

    That thinking combined with re-fueled passion did force me to open my mouth today! 🙂

    Thanks Michelle for challenging us to THINK and to put our thoughts into inTENtional action!!!

  22. Amy Zimney Says:

    This race has generated a lot of excitement in Nevada. I have had so much fun talking with my jewelers about what they are doing. Alissa has given me some great ideas and different angles. FUN!

  23. Dee Burns Says:

    WOW. . . WOW. . . this Race is Amazing. I can’t believe the high I have been on every single day. I have finally learned to open my mouth AND have learned to not dwell on the results BUT to look towards the activity and that activity has been worth so much more to me than the results. I have now become the CEO of my own business and going to work every single day!!! Thanks so much everyone for inspiring me!!!

  24. Leener Phillips Says:

    The biggest eye opener for me was that my approach to sponsoring has been all wrong. After listening to Nancy’s training, I absolutely am excited to implement her OP at the end of a jewelry show! Can’t wait!

  25. Jodi Ward Says:

    WOW we have some amazing coaches don’t we girls? What other business would give us such a challenge that is so motivating, self developing and business changing all wrapped up in one AMAZING RACE; “ONLY OUR ONE AND ONLY PREMIER” and their extraordinary leaders. I haven’t been pushed to challenge myself like this since College and this push to see the finish line and everyone there cheering us on. (Thanks for Cheering me on Stephanie! I have been so blessed to get to know you better :o)) All of our “family support” demonstrates that we have an amazing team behind each and every one of us! I love all of the positive motivation to better our companies I can’t wait to see what is waiting there for each of us at the finish line I just know that all of this hard work is going to be life changing for every single one of us!

  26. Brigitte Strawmatt Says:

    I’m so excited to implement some of the things I’ve learned from the “Race.” This has been a huge help in keeping me focused and it has encouraged me to leave my comfort zone and just love the journey.

    I’m so fueled to share Premier with everyone . . . watch out . . here I come :):)

  27. Alissa Pallan Says:

    Just wanted to say YEAH!! I got my hostess for next Sat. to agree to let me share Premier with her this Sat. (in time for this week’s challenge) by telling her about the double hostess promotion, and including another $50 in FREE jewelry for agreeing to hear the op. YEAH!!! I have been seeking a way to get her to hear me out, and this was PERFECT!!! 🙂

  28. Jessica Says:

    Video was super cute! My take-away- Keep positive and positive things will happen! Keep moving forward, despite cancellations, reschedules, and challenges!

  29. Amy Metz Says:

    Great video! My take away – there is something great to find in everyone. Find it and TELL THEM!…so I want to find something great about everyone and tell them. You never know what it will do to their day!

  30. Dee Burns Says:

    What an eye opening video. . . You could really see what an impact the clerk’s attitude made on everyone he saw and how he made sure that everyone knew that they had value and worth in this world. And then, when his behavior changed, how everything changed. I plan on changing my business by changing my behavior. The attitude starts with me!!!

  31. Michelle Says:

    WOW–I could watch this video over and over and get a new insight each time. The most impactful thing I took away was that, when we choose to see the best in others and lift them up, we are creating such an exciting and rewarding future for ourselves at the same time. This is so parallel to how Premier works, too.

    It’s also so true that people are drawn to positive, loving people and they’re glad to become their “fans” and spread the word about them. That ripple effect is so powerful.

    I was taken aback by the main character when his love told him he was amazing and he said, “No one has ever said that about me before.” WOW! All this time, he gave to others without expecting anything in return. And what a blessed life God gave him as a result.

  32. Amy Zimney Says:

    Nothing is more important than a postive attitude. It is KEY to the sucess of your business

  33. Patty Westenbroek Says:

    When blessing others…you bless yourself! Keeping it all positive produces the results worth seeking.
    “The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspect of their lives.”
    -William James

  34. Alissa Pallan Says:

    The video- don’t underestimate the impact you can have on someone else’s life. With each person we meet at a show, we can have an impact on them; how they view themselves, improve the quality of life they lead. It can be as simple as taking a moment to recognize that you are dealing with a person, who needs to hear how great they are!

  35. Amanda Larson Says:

    The Video – Smile, Smile, Smile. Keep focused on the positive and Smile, Smile, Smile 🙂

  36. Shelli Poole Says:

    I was struck by how much the man in the window was able to affect the people he was validating! It reminds me when I’m shows and show that attention to the women at my shows – they smile shyly sometimes and we all need that! I’m inspired to find the good things in all people and tell them!

  37. Jodi Ward Says:

    This video brought a huge smile not only to my face but also to my heart. Do you realize that we are part of a business where we can “validate” every lady that walks in front of us and we can also teach them how to validate themselves with the “purpose” of premier (bringing women together and enriching every life that we touch). My goal is to become a “validator” and enrich every life that I touch!

  38. Caroline Walker Says:

    This video was great! Thanks Michelle for posting it! I was smiling then I was crying, maybe it was that time of month but it was a huge heart warmer. There were a few powerful parts to the video, one was his attitude in validating even though others were going to approach him with anger he was able to find the good in them and turn “that frown upside down”. Also not underestimating the impact that you have on everyone you meet. It helps in every aspect of business and life because that is what people will remember. So keeping that in mind every time I have a show and finding ways to validate the women and keep talking about the benefits of the business because it might not have an impact at that moment, but it might in the future.

  39. Steph Moehlenpah Says:

    We can’t give up on people, but find a different avenue of trying to get people to “smile” – or enriching their lives. It will come back around to us and something good will come out of our efforts and someone’s life will be enriched.

  40. Shelli Says:

    One of the activities I’m definitely going to carry for ward is to work on building my business a certain amount every day and/or week. Making phone calls and following up. I’m also going to carry forward the confidence I’ve gained through this experience and the number one thing I’ve learned is tacks to follow. When I feel stuck I can refer to these materials and know where to go and what to do! Thanks Michelle and Pat!

  41. Mandi Krueger Says:

    I have really loved doing this race!!! It has answered so many questions and completely organized my business. The 2 things I am always going to use in Premier are the 1. The closing lines. 2. Penny Lacey’s 10 things a new jeweler needs to know (this can be used ANYTIME during a jewelers journey in Premier) and it’s simple steps that have to be done to either start your business or get your business back on track. This race has not only helped me get my business where I want it but it has also reached my downline as well. Thanks Pat and Michelle, Mandi
    ohhhh I can’t forget my SWEET CAROLINE!! It’s been a fun ride, thanks for stickin with me through my hospital week, the cruise and just life:)

  42. Amanda Larson Says:

    The things I will be taking forward is Quick Follow through,(it’s so much easier to stay on it!) and Opening my mouth about Premier EVERYWHERE. I will be timid NO MORE!

  43. Heather Jennings Says:

    One hurdle that I have overcome during this race is to not be afraid to step out of my comfort zone and talk with people about Premier. You never know who might really need it!

    The most important thing I took away from this race was realizing this business can be whatever you want it to be and the more you work at it the more benefits you will receive from it.

  44. Patty Westenbroek Says:

    The Race gave me solid business practices to follow. Great “tracks to run on.” Keeping a positive attitude and working through/in spite of the many other things that demand attention are my greatest hurdles. I see that success comes from steady, consistent effort over time.

    My greatest take away will be to continue to challenge myself/downline (i.e., get two more bookings, set 2 OP’s this week, spend 30min. making phone calls, etc…).

    I’m also eating up all the motivational material I get a hold of…love all the video’s and positive materials this challenge gave us! Thank you for everything, Michelle!!!!

  45. Michelle Says:

    THANK YOU ALL for your participation, enthusiasm and effort throughout this Race! You have motivated me more than words can express. I’m just so darned proud of each and every one of you.

    The biggest lesson the Race taught me was so SCHEDULE my OP’s and then to follow up within 48 hours (even if the prospect wants to talk in a week or more…I’ll find an excuse to get in touch with her sooner!).

    I, too, will continue to come back to these business-building basics when I need a push and will point my Jewelers to these assignments, too. My hope is that you will each have these “tracks to run on” for yourselves and for the women you bring into Premier in the future.


  46. Jessica Says:

    The things that I will take from this experience:
    #1 A new friend and insightful mentor (Amy of course!). All of the conversations filled with useful information from my challenge partner have been gems in helping me build my business.
    #2 I plan to continue incorporating the sponsoring segments at my shows. #7 in the “10 thoughts…” attachment continues to resinate with me-“Lead with optimism, enthusiasm, and positive energy, guard against pessimism and weed out negativity”. This I will use in both my daily life and in my business.

  47. Jen Easton Says:

    My biggest obstacle was to open up and get out of my box to share Premier with everyone I meet. I think this challange really helped me overcome that fear, and now I can’t stop talking about it:)

    My take away will be to keep a postive attitude no matter what obstacles I may run into. And to continue working on my business outside of just having home shows!

  48. Steph Moehlenpah Says:

    I will be continuing to share my business with as many ladies as possible. People NEED our business and I want them to see that they can do it!!!
    I will always have my mini-commercial ready when people ask me what I do.
    I will continue to follow up with customers and not be afraid of NO’s.
    The more I work my business diligently, the stronger my business will get. As Tom Barrett said, “Rethink Possible!!!”
    Thanks, Michelle and Pat for doing this for us. My confidence level has sky rocketed!

  49. Caroline Walker Says:

    I really liked the challenges each week and the accountability that came with it, even though there were some hurdles along the way it kept me moving forward! One thing I am going to keep doing is incorporating the sponsoring activity at every show. Also the closing thoughts was very handy in the last couple of OP’s.
    Another big take away for me is to set weekly if not monthly goals of shows/ op’s etc.
    Thanks soo much to my awesome partner Mandi for all of her awesome nuggets and motivation!
    Also a HUGE THANK YOU to Michelle for allll the time and energy you put into this race for us!!! ((Hugs))

  50. Alissa Pallan Says:

    This race has enabled me to get my life back in balance. Having the two new additions to my family has definitely been a hurdle for me to overcome and adjust my time appropriately. I feel I now have the tracks to run on to juggle my family and Premier activities. This race simplified Premier for me and the activities I need to be doing to not only maintain my business but to build my business AND mentor my team. THANK YOU MICHELLE & PAT! I appreciate you!
    One of the main things I am taking away from this race is the guidelines for a new jeweler. This checklist is awesome! Now I have a tool to refer to when starting (or restarting) a new jeweler to make sure I don’t overwhelm them and I cover all the details.
    The most important thing I am taking away from this race is to be INTENTIONAL in my business in my every day life. Whether I am working from home, grocery shopping, at a show, or making phone calls I need to be thinking Premier.

  51. Amy Zimney Says:

    I will take from this race a new attitude of being constantly intentional. Everywhere I go, every lady I see, I am wondering…is she looking for a fantastic opportunity? Could she be a Premier Designs jeweler? I have also gained knowledge and insight that has helped me to step up my leadership skills and move forward to help my downline build their businesses. Thank you Michelle and Pat!

  52. Amy Metz Says:

    This has been a great motivator for me. Life has been crazy, and this challenge and my great partner have truly kept me motivated and my business motoring along! I love my new sponsoring talk and for the first time, am comfortable with it. That is my greatest take away…that and my new jeweler friend, Jessica! I’m planning to keep rocking and sharing the business…I want everyone at my shows to know what a great opportunity they are missing out on….until they meet me!

  53. Jodi Ward Says:

    1. I have overcome many hurdles with this challenge but the upmost and foremost is pushing myself out of my comfort zone and talking with people about the business that I would of never thought of before this challenge, I plan on pushing myself past my comfort zone to make my business grow in sponsoring and bookings.
    2. I have pushed myself to make dreadful cold calls that I would have never done before this challenge to gain bookings in order to grow my business I feel that this is a hurdle because I am actually afraid of the phone afraid to get turned down and now I can honestly say that I believe that it is one of the only ways I can continue to grow my business successfully.

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